How To Choose The Right Custom Case

Custom Case

Learn how to choose the right custom case for you.

When you have materials you need to transport safely and securely, a custom case is the best way to go. When you choose a custom case for your goods, you can ensure that it is built to the exact specifications and the durability levels you need. Not only that, custom cases can offer a host of benefits from professionalism, to ease of transport and more. Today we’ll help walk you through some of the decisions you will need to consider before you order your custom case.

Consider the Interior

Depending on the types of goods you will be transporting you will want to consider several options when it comes to the interior of your case. Sensitive materials, for instance, will be kept secure when surrounded by polyurethane foam that helps with keeping things in place and light shock absorption. If you are carrying goods that are perishable, polystyrene may be a better choice. Alternatively, you might choose for an empty case to give yourself more space and freedom.

Check The Exterior

Custom cases can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, plastic, and occasionally other things like wood. For most usage plastic and aluminum will result in the best cases. Both are highly durable and secure, but they each have their own pros and cons. Plastic may be better in rougher conditions while aluminum is lighter and more long-lasting. Each material has significant benefits that we’ve covered extensively in previous blog posts.

What’s The Worst Case Scenario

Perhaps the most critical factor to consider when choosing a custom case for your business and materials is to think about the worst case scenario. When you know what the absolute worst result is, you’ll be better able to approach planning a custom case. With features like water resistance, temperature control, and impact protection a custom case can help ensure your materials get where they need to no matter what.


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