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expanded polystyrene

Learn all about the basics of expanded polystyrene.

When you’re coming up with a custom case solution for your needs, you might think that the exterior material is the most important factor to decide on. While it’s true that the plastic or aluminum on the outside plays a critical role in protecting your cargo, don’t neglect the interior materials! The foam interior is just as important as the shell exterior in protecting delicate materials and ensuring that your cargo makes it to its final destination. One of the materials we offer here at PSI Cases is expanded polystyrene. In this blog, learn all about expanded polystyrene and the benefits of choosing this interior material.


One of the biggest advantages to expanded polystyrene is its extreme light weight. This is owing to what it is made of – 95% of the material is just air! The other 5% consists of tiny plastic beads which are expanded to become a uniform material. The beads are heated and expanded up to forty times their starting size to make up the packaging material.


Expanded polystyrene is naturally inert, meaning it does not react with other chemical substances. It also cannot rot or facilitate mold growth because it does not absorb water. And, since pests aren’t attracted to it, it is a great material for insulation purposes in the construction industry.

Good for Packaging and Environmentally Friendly

In the realm of packing, expanded polystyrene really shines. It absorbs shock very well and is a good choice for those who need to transport fragile items. Perishables and heat-sensitive items are also great to package with expanded polystyrene because of its insulative properties. In addition, it is also a very environmentally friendly polymer, being made only of plastic and air. The industry is very active in encouraging recycling of this material such that it has the highest recycling rate of any plastic and factors for very little in municipal waste collection.

If you’re ready to explore how expanded polystyrene can work for you and your organization, contact PSI Cases today!


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