Rotational vs. Injection Molding

Rotational vs. Injection Molding

There are a few differences between custom cases made by rotational molding and those made by injection molding.

There are two primary types of molding used for making custom cases for your product, rotational molding and injection molding. Both processes have their strengths and downsides, so here is a brief summary of the differences between the two.

Differences Round 1: Options Available

Injection molding gives you almost limitless options when it comes to materials, the shape of the custom case, and the final structure of the custom case. Injection molding can use plastics, resins, or many other different materials. Injection molding is also able to make really interesting and intricate designs, so it is great for making custom cases you’ll be happy to show off.

Rotational molding allows you fewer customization options when it comes to materials. They have to be either poly-based resins, nylon, or plastisols in order to work properly. Custom cases made using rotational molding also can’t be made in elaborate shapes, as they slow down the process dramatically.

Differences Round 2: The Time for Manufacturing

Both rotational and injection molding can be done using automated production lines for optimal speed. However, rotational molding’s process takes significantly longer, as each step in the production process is lengthier. Injection molding allows you to get a greater number of parts made per hour than rotational.

Differences Round 3: Cost

All things considered, injection molding costs less per piece than rotational molding. One of the primary reasons is the difference in manufacturing time. Another reason is that rotational molding uses more costly base materials, like poly-based resins. Yet another reason is that rotational molding requires costly add-ons in order to mix the range of materials for production. Whether you choose rotational or injection molding, remember that each has its own strengths and weaknesses. PSI Cases is happy to help you choose the perfect molding method for your custom cases.

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