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Happy 4th of July from PSI :: Government and Military Cases and Containers

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

It doesn’t matter if you call it the Fourth of July or Independence Day, July 4th is a time to celebrate our nation’s freedom.

The History of the 4th of July

In 1776, representatives from all 13 American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. The Continental Congress voted in favor of that declaration on Jul 2nd. Two days later, on July 4th, delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historical document drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

Since that day, the 4th of July has been celebrated as the birth of our nation’s independence. However, it was not until 1941 that the date became a federal holiday.

We at Packaging Strategies Inc. would like to thank all past and present service men and women for their dedicated service. Thank You!

At PSI, our expertise, qualified personnel and on-site production facilities have allowed us to evolve from a small organization focused on supporting the government and military to a multi-faceted company serving both defense and private enterprises.

  • Government Cases & Containers: We’re familiar with the requirements of government contracting. And as a 9001 ISO Certified and Registered company, PSI. is the perfect partner for government agencies and bureaus who need quality products delivered quickly and under budget.
  • Military Cases & Containers: At PSI, we have worked closely with every arm of our country’s defense forces to ensure that the tactical and sensitive electronics they use arrive ready for deployment.

Happy 4th of July from all of us here at Packaging Strategies Incorporated!

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Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have manufactured systems integration packages and container solutions (rotationally molded containers, injection molded transit cases, and metal containers) for clientele of all types, from government agencies, large corporations and branches of the military to the private sector.

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