Why We Recommend Custom Shipping and Storage Containers for Government Use

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Learn more about why custom shipping and storage containers are recommended for government use.

The U.S. government contains many agencies, with numerous employees tasked with critical and time-sensitive tasks every day. These government agencies help keep everything smooth and safe for citizens, so they must have the equipment and technology they need to do their jobs correctly. Because government agencies and employees are spread throughout this large country, shipping items or equipment back and forth across significant distances is commonplace. 

Knowing that shipping sensitive items is unavoidable, employees must utilize custom shipping and storage containers to ensure everything within the container arrives without damage or interference. Standardized shipping containers cannot guarantee customized safety the way custom containers designed by Packaging Strategies, Inc. can. We recommend custom shipping and storage containers for all government use to ensure optimal performance. 

Customization Down to Every Detail 

The primary benefit of custom shipping containers is in the name: “custom.” This means total customization, with every aspect of the case selected to best serve your shipping needs for the particular items in each case. You can choose from injection molding, rotational molding, and many other case designs. You can have custom foam interiors, various shock absorption tools, and TSA-approved locks that guarantee security. 

Custom Foam Interiors Provide Unbeatable Safety 

Custom foam interiors are one of the prime benefits of custom shipping and storage containers. These protective features are designed to precisely fit around each item within your case. This can even be done for delicate tools or equipment with non-standard dimensions. The foam will snugly fit around each item to keep it from jostling during transportation. The custom foam also acts as a shock-absorbing material between the exterior of the case and each item within the case. This significantly reduces the impact case drops and vibrations have on your shipping materials. 

Accessorize Custom Cases for Maximum Utility 

Custom shipping cases can also be accessorized to provide maximum convenience and utility for the individuals carrying and using the case and the materials within. For instance, you may add handles or wheels to provide easy movement and transportation of the case throughout airports and government buildings. You may also utilize a double-entry rackmount case, which allows access from two sides if that will facilitate more efficient use. When you customize your case, you can be sure you are paying for what you need and never for what you don’t. 

Integrate Modern Technology 

Electronics-integrated cases are rising in popularity as technology becomes an everyday part of life and business. Government cannot function without the ability to access a variety of technology from different locations. These cases may not be ideal for shipping items, but if you are designing cases for field workers who travel with their work, integrating electronics into their custom case may help increase their efficiency and connectivity to other government workers nationwide. 


Packaging Strategies has assembled a team with over 100 years of experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales. We created the Packaging Strategies Design and Technology Center to create and manufacture complete systems integration packages and container solutions of all sizes and materials for our clientele. Many of these clients are federal agencies or in the private sector. No matter what you need to carry, Packaging Strategies is sure to have the right case for the job. You can view our website here, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

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