Lessons to Learn From Cheap or Faulty Media Equipment Cases

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There’s a lot to be learned from cheap or faulty media equipment cases.

If you need to transport media equipment, such as cameras, tripods, lights, and all associated technologies, you know that transportation safety is essential. The security and protection provided by media equipment cases will determine how long your equipment lasts, how easy it is to unload at a job, and how professional you appear to others. By observing the past mistakes made by media equipment case designers, Packaging Strategies, Inc. can determine what will work best for our clients and their custom media case designs. This way, we can design the best case the first time, so our customers don’t have to experience the errors experienced by others. What have we learned from stories of faulty media equipment cases? 

Cool Storage Is Essential 

Media devices and broadcast equipment generate a lot of heat when in use, and the equipment can easily malfunction or break permanently if it gets too hot. Even when not in use, if hot media equipment is stored in a case without sufficient ventilation or cooling procedures, it can overheat and break. To avoid the worst, it’s best to store items in media equipment cases specifically designed to protect each item and cool and reduce the temperature of these devices. 

Interior Packaging Design Matters 

Media equipment can take a beating during transit, whether your media is traveling by plane, truck, car, or boat. Even if the case exterior is tough, the equipment will not be protected if the interior doesn’t provide sufficient protection. This is why custom media equipment cases created at Packaging Strategies, Inc. employ custom foam inserts and shock-absorbing designs to keep items from moving around within the case and experiencing damage from rough handling. 

Choose Quality Over Short-Term Savings

It may be tempting to cut corners by buying standardized media equipment cases designed for general use and not for your equipment specifically. However, these cheaper cases often fail to keep your equipment fully protected, providing minimum protection or faltering after a few uses. If you want long-lasting protection, it’s worth investing in a customized case that has the exterior and interior protecting your items need to stay in excellent condition. Investing in a custom media case will not only preserve your high-cost electronics but will demonstrate to others that you take your work seriously and treat every item with care. 

Don’t Forget to Stress Test

Before embarking on a significant shoot or project, it is worth stress-testing your equipment in its new case. Simulate challenging scenarios so you can identify potential weak points in your setup. Taking a proactive approach to your transportation case needs can help you determine what kind of protection is needed. If you fail to do a stress test, you may find yourself on a job with a case that fails to do its job and puts your equipment at risk. 


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