Deciding on the Right Custom Transit Case for Your Industry Needs

At PSI Cases, we understand that each industry can benefit from a particular transit case. Whether you’re transporting electronic equipment, using a custom case to facilitate transportation of government items, or need an industrial case that performs under high pressure — our custom cases are designed with your industry needs in mind. Selecting the proper transit case for your industry needs doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With PSI Cases, all of our custom cases are placed into industry categories to provide the coverage level you need during transportation.

custom transit cases

With PSI Cases, all of our custom cases are placed into industry categories to provide the coverage level you need during transportation.

Video Equipment in a Custom Transit Case

For individuals who work in film, the news industry, or have a general hobby for video electronics — it’s essential to have a custom case to protect your video equipment. PSI Cases builds out video equipment cases explicitly tailored to the protection of electronic equipment. Our video equipment cases are rugged, built to your specific diameters, and able to be cushioned with numerous styles of inserts to shockproof your equipment. In addition to these specifications, we can ensure that your custom case is completely waterproof.

Industrial and Government Cases

PSI Cases can custom-manufacture an industrial case that is highly specialized to your industry needs. Do you need a custom case that is incredibly durable and will successfully transport your items from point A to point B? You will want to consider an industrial-grade custom case with PSI Cases. We have engineered custom industrial cases for multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces. We have in-house design and prototyping to build out the industrial case of your dreams.

Medical Cases

It’s vital to transport sensitive medical equipment in a highly-equipped custom medical case. PSI’s medical cases are custom-manufactured to fit all of your necessary equipment in one case, to the utmost possibility. Our custom medical cases can be built to protect sensitive medical equipment without compromising your medical devices. Contact PSI Cases today regarding all of your custom transit case needs!


PSI Cases have assembled personnel with over 50 years of combined experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales. We design and manufacture systems integration packages and container solutions for clientele who represent interest from the private sector and government agencies.No matter what you need to carry, PSI Cases will be sure to have the right case for the job.

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