Regulate That Material!

Custom Case Materials

Which custom case materials will regulate temperature best?

Custom Cases can be made for practically any transporting need. From medical transportation to transportation of technology, every product has its own specifications that need to be met to make the custom case a success. This week we are going to talk about the best materials to regulate internal temperature in a case for highly sensitive objects.

Things to Consider

When you are choosing a custom case materials for something that is temperature sensitive and you need to think about regulation, there are a variety of different materials you can use.


Aluminum is highly resistant to temperature. Consider baking, have you ever lined a pan with aluminum foil for easy cleanup? You will know that almost immediately after you pull it out of the oven it cools down. Shipping cases made from aluminum are made to protect their contents and regular internal temperature for shipping.


Plastic is another material that can be resistant to temperature through a variety of thicknesses. If the strength and thickness of a package is high, the higher the likelihood of it being able to regulate internal temperature is.


Wood is a material to avoid if looking to regulate internal temperature. While wood is a protective case, it won’t keep a stable temperature if traveling through different places. Wood is susceptible to humidity and other kinds of weather that make it less than ideal for shipping delicate things.

Remember you can always ensure temperature regulation with insulated or thermal cases. These cases are specially designed to provide the perfect temperature for your goods throughout shipping. From perishables or other delicate items, custom cases are the best way to ensure your asset is being protected.


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