Consider Using Custom Foam Inserts

Consider Using Custom Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts offer another level of protection that you should consider before packing anything up again.

When you are deciding how to package something, there are a surprising number of options, depending on your circumstances. For instance, if the item is sturdy and durable, you probably don’t think twice about simply putting it in a box for shipping or a bag to take with you on the plane. But just like you wouldn’t pack your great-great-grandmother’s expensive antique vase in with a box of random cords, you likely won’t be putting most of the gadgets and technology that you travel with in just any box. This is where custom-designed cases come into play for many people. With a custom case, whether it is hard or soft, you know that it is built to keep your specific equipment safe. But it doesn’t end there – custom foam inserts offer another level of protection that you should consider before packing anything up again.

Efficient Packing

Custom foam inserts make it quick and easy to pack your items. Since each one has a designated spot where it fits perfectly, you won’t have to spend time thinking about what goes in first or the best order to arrange things. If you’re packing product for a customer, these inserts also make it easier for employees, even new ones, to quickly pack your items exactly as they should go.

High-Level Protection

High-quality custom foam inserts provide unparalleled protection for your items or goods, which is, of course, the bottom-line, most important thing. You are packing valuable, sensitive materials, and they must get to the destination safely. No other packing material comes close because no other packing material is designed specifically for each of your items, ensuring a perfect fit and a safe hold. If you’re already investing in a custom case for your supplies, tools, instruments, or equipment, take the next step in secure packing and get custom foam inserts as well.


Don’t discount the visual impact of an organized case, even if you’re only storing your own equipment. Eventually, you’ll be in a situation in which you’re opening that case in front of clients or coworkers. Knowing without a doubt that it will look neat and organized when you do will be priceless. While a disorganized case will make you look like you’re disorganized by extension, a clean, well-packed case puts you in the best light. If instead of your own stuff, you are packing product for a customer, this becomes even more important, and custom foam inserts assure that the presentation will always be top quality.


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