6 Items Military Cases Need to Be Able to Carry

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Military cases should be able to contain and safely transport these common items.

Shipping items and equipment safely to military bases is crucial to ensuring that all soldiers are as well-equipped as possible. Using “one size fits all” cases to ship items as unique and vulnerable as medical equipment, weapons, drones, and communications technology is not going to provide the best results. This is why Packaging Strategies, Inc. and our Packaging Design and Technology Center provide military clients with the specialized, custom military cases they require. When our clients customize their cases, they can enjoy complete and reliable security and safety for the following items frequently shipped by military personnel.

Medical Equipment

Fast and safe medical care and equipment access are essential for many military deployments. Whether on the field or stationed far from established hospitals or medical facilities, military personnel need easy access to medical equipment and even easier transportation to the patient when necessary. Secure military cases designed to hold medical equipment can incorporate custom foam inserts and sturdy construction to ensure the supplies stay in place and are free from tampering and exposure to dust and moisture.


Many weapons used by the military are highly sensitive and can malfunction or lose effectiveness if exposed to weather that causes rust. Additionally, many weapons and their accessories can be of various shapes and sizes, so using a pre-existing case often isn’t practical. When you create custom military cases, you can design cases suited to specific weapons to protect them from the elements and shock impacts from dropped cases. 

Miscellaneous Tools

While on base, many military personnel may require various tools such as knives, flashlights, wrenches, batteries, and more to perform the various duties necessary to maintain their base. Sharp tools must be held securely in hard-covered cases so as not to break free and harm someone during transit. Wrenches, flashlights, and batteries are all small and could slip through a crack or get lost during shipment if they are not adequately secured within their cases. Custom tool cases can be designed to securely fit all items, large and small, so that these tools can be easily transported between locations and deployed within moments. 


The military uses various cutting-edge technology to ensure successful and comprehensive operations. Deploying the communication and electronic equipment required at every base must be fast, safe, and accessible. Laptops, computers, and other electronic devices can be essential for military intelligence and planning, but they can be difficult to ship safely. 

Custom military cases must be able to protect these electronics from wet weather, be shock-proof, and protect electronics from drops and vibrations during transit. The combination of hard exteriors and cushioned interiors help protect electronics from shipping damage. 


Drones contain many small, delicate, and expensive parts, and like other electronic items, they are susceptible to water damage and damage that occurs from long-distance travel. Drones are also uniquely shaped, so they require highly specialized shipping cases. Custom-designed military drone cases from Packaging Strategies, Inc. can help you deliver drones both domestically and internationally without incident. 


Many soldiers rely on rations and MRE packages for sustenance while they are deployed across the world. The delivery of these rations must be steady to keep the soldiers well-fed, but the food cannot get wet during shipment or get too hot or cold because it will melt or freeze. The food must also be protected from animals who may smell the food through flimsy shipping cases. 

By using secure military cases complete with latches and strong, thick exteriors, the rations can stay protected and arrive at their destination in excellent condition. 


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