The Protection Shock-Mounted Cases Provide for Electronics

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The protection shock-mounted cases provide include protection from weather, strain, and shocks from drops or vibrations.

Electronics and communications equipment are prominent across various fields, including aerospace, military, and medical. Transporting this equipment can be challenging, particularly because the equipment is so sensitive to damage resulting from drops, vibrations, and environmental factors that cannot be avoided during transit. The accumulation of vibrations or shock impacts can alter the internal calibration of your electronics and result in devices that break much sooner than they should or even arrive at their destination with noticeable damage. Shock-mounted cases are one tool for protecting electronics during transit across many industries. Designing your cases with Packaging Strategies, Inc. means you can enjoy the following protection shock-mounted cases are designed to provide equipment of all sizes. 

Protection From Drops and Impacts

The primary protection shock-mounted cases provide is from drops and impacts. Handlers can easily drop cases during transit, or the container can shift and fall while the truck, boat, or plane is in motion. This is why shock-mounted cases are designed with a layer of shock-absorbing material that acts as a barrier between electronics and the external environment. They typically have reinforced corners and edges for increased durability at the spots where drops are likely to occur. 

Protection from Vibrations and Shocks

Electronics are susceptible to damage from vibrations and shocks during travel or rough handling. Shock-mounted cases are designed to protect your devices from this damage. Shock-absorbing materials are used in these cases to minimize the transmission of the shocks or vibrations to the actual electronics. This keeps the internal components of your electronics untouched and unaltered even after long journeys across turbulent skies or roads. 

Protection from Environmental Factors

Apart from the human factors influencing case design, you must also consider the environmental factors likely to affect your shipment. The protection shock-mounted cases enjoy extends to protection from environmental elements. Designing water-resistant and dustproof cases keeps out those two elements that are highly damaging to electronics. This protection is essential if the equipment is being shipped or used in outdoor and rugged environments. 

Protection From Difficult Transportation 

Shock-mounted cases, designed for your equipment and specific needs by Packaging Strategies, Inc., can be built with attachments that make transportation easier than ever. Carrying handles, straps, and wheels can all be used to transport your electronics safely. These accessories help you move the equipment with less strain, reducing the risk of drops. The shock-absorbing nature of the case also means that any bumps or jostles that result from carrying the case do not damage your electronics. 


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