Shock-Mounted Cases: 6 Industries That Benefit From These Tools

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Shock-mounted cases provide the protection that numerous industries need for their equipment.

Shock-mounted cases are designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage due to shock, vibration, and impact during handling and transportation. When designed by professionals, these cases are always made of sturdy materials and use various advanced technologies to absorb and dissipate shock and vibrations. Many industries can benefit from these tools, as they can be customized to protect valuable equipment and instruments. If you need shock-mounted cases to protect military, aerospace, medical, communications, or manufacturing equipment, you can count on Packaging Strategies, Inc. to create the custom cases you need.

Military and Defense Industry 

The military and defense industry utilizes shock-mounted cases to transport sensitive weapons and equipment. Military-grade cases are built to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. These cases can be designed to protect communications equipment, ammunition, medical supplies, and all other sensitive equipment needed during deployment. 

Aerospace Industry

Shock-mounted cases for the aerospace industry are designed to withstand the usual harsh conditions of travel and have additional design elements that protect items from altitude changes and flight turbulence. 

Medical Industry

The medical industry relies on shock-mounted cases for transporting medical equipment and supplies. The cases can protect various large and small devices such as surgical tools, diagnostic instruments, and medical devices. These cases are essential for transporting medical equipment to remote locations or disaster zones, where pre-existing medical equipment may not be available or usable.

Audio/Visual Industry

The audio/visual industry depends on high-quality shock-mounted cases to transport valuable and essential equipment such as cameras, microphones, and lighting systems. These items can easily be broken or damaged due to drop impacts or vibrations during travel. By using shock-mounted cases that keep items protected and snug in their designated positions, A/V industry members can transport their equipment to film or TV sets, live events, and other locations where they have to unload and get to work promptly. 

Industrial Manufacturing Industry

The industrial industry uses shock-mounted cases to transport items like sensors, measuring devices, and control systems. Without these items, industrial manufacturers can lose significant amounts of productivity. 

Emergency Services

Emergency care depends on highly organized, secure transportation provided by shock mount cases. When emergency responders need to go to remote locations, or disaster or crash zones, they depend on their cases to contain all they need. This can include communication devices, oxygen tanks, and defibrillators. When emergency care providers use professionally designed shock-mounted cases, they know that everything they need will be functional and at their fingertips once they open their cases.


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