Explore The Varieties of Protective Transport Cases

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Consider the many protective transport cases you can design with PSI Cases.

Protective cases are designed to keep your valuable equipment safe during transportation. This includes truck, air, and boat travel from distances far and wide. At Packaging Strategies, Inc., we specialize in creating custom protective transport cases as well as full equipment integration services for many industries. Custom design is best so you can build a case to protect your specific equipment and tools. While many cases are made with a hard-shell exterior and contain cushioning foam or other items inside, there are variations with custom cases that may serve your needs best. 

The Advantages of Hard-Shell Cases

Hard-shell transport cases are commonly used and cover a variety of custom designs because the hard exterior protects the items inside the case from drops, bumps, vibration and impact. Your hard-shell case can be further customized internally to provide the precise cushioning your items require. But a hard exterior is essential as a first line of defense from the damage caused by dropping or mishandling equipment during transportation. These cases can also have wheels and a fixed or telescoping handle for smoother handling and transportation of heavy items. 

Foam-Lined Cases 

Foam-lined cases are another must-have for anyone looking to transport their equipment or technology easily. Custom foam layers are created to cushion each item from shocks or vibrations traveling from the outside. When you design custom foam with Packaging Strategies, Inc., we create custom-shaped foam designed to fit your equipment precisely. When the foam is molded to the shape of your equipment, you can place each item in the case and have the confidence knowing that it will not move within the case no matter what happens.

Shock Mount Cases 

Shock mount cases are hard protective transport cases with specially designed inserts that absorb any shock the case encounters. They contain an added foam layer between the inner and outer box, so there is even more impact protection. The specifics of the case design will depend on what you plan to pack in the case. 

Waterproof Cases 

For a hard case to be classified as waterproof, it must be airtight, watertight, and dust and rust-proof. Cases with these qualities can withstand the effects of extreme weather and contain hinges or latches made of quality materials that are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This ensures that your case and the equipment inside will not be damaged if it falls into the water or travels through heavy rain or snow. 

Rackmount Cases for Electronics

Shipping electronics can be challenging. The slightest vibrations or impacts can easily damage this equipment, and it often needs to be set up in a precise configuration to work correctly. To save time upon arrival, rackmount protective cases are intended to help the unloading process go as quickly as possible. In these cases, servers, hard drives, and chassis are created to be placed in a rack within the case. A case can contain several rack units, ready for a “plug and play” experience when the case arrives at its destination. 

Mil-Spec Cases 

Mil-Spec (or Military Specification) cases refer to those protective transport cases designed by Mil-Spec standards. This standardized system is defined by the military and is intended to make shipping as safe and efficient as possible. As an industry required to ship fragile, valuable, or dangerous materials frequently, the military knows what is needed for ultimate transport protection. When you design a Mil-Spec case, you will enjoy those same high standards. 


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